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3135 W Highland Blvd
Milwaukee, WI, 53208
United States


Equal to or better than any data center in the Midwest, Data Holdings is a purpose-built, greenfield facility with a mission critical focus and true state-of-the-art features:

• Unique multi-tenant, wholesale data center serving Wisconsin and surrounding states
• LEED Gold certification
• Two-story, 46,000 SF hardened building
• Incorporates 10MW of 2N (active-active) power from the utility to the data center floor
• Includes an additional power source in the form of an emergency power generator system
• Tier III compliance allows all critical systems to be properly maintained while normal operations continue
• Private data center suites from 1,000 SF and up
• Flexible, securely caged “retail” space
• Designed for use as a primary data center or Disaster Recovery Site
• Carrier neutral facility offering direct access to Tier 1 carriers
• Affordable connectivity and bandwidth, low latency and route diversity
Convenient metro location; easy access to Downtown area, Interstate 94 and Milwaukee International Airport (MKE)





Our philosophy at Data Holdings is to provide the utmost customer flexibility in planning for current and future data center requirements.

Data Holdings’ physical properties provide its customers with a framework to satisfy their compliance requirements, 100% uptime demands and budget-conscious operational requirements. And our LEED Gold certification shows a conviction and commitment to doing things the right way.

There are many operational advantages for organizations in having their data stack at an efficient and certified data center. In a world where 100% uptime is mandatory in most industries, it can make for an interesting discussion.

Wholesale suite customers are provided with an initial private suite of 30+ positions.

  • Customers ramp into space over a pre-determined period of time
  • Additional space is set aside for planned physical growth
  • The suite infrastructure is designed to accommodate a significant increase in (kW) capacity

 Private cages can accommodate four or more initial (standard) 24” x 48” locking cabinets

 Managed Service partners provide Private Cloud environments and access to compute, storage, and infrastructure resources on demand for any purpose or on any platform.

 Design Flexibility

  • Customers can tap into additional capacity with or without growing the suite size
  • Each cabinet position density within Data Holdings can vary greatly, and thus we avoid stranding capacity
    • For example: A 20A x 120/208v, 3Ph cabinet PDU can accommodate a 5.5kW design load, which would be the basis for the ‘typical’ customer cabinet
  • High density cabinets require “chimneys”, which can accommodate 25kW+ loads
  • A customer-controlled and managed JCI Metasys-DCIM system is available
  • Connectivity requirements are provided for on a customizable basis

Data Holdings features best-of-breed technologies and sophisticated physical security. The facility is manned by on-site, trained professional staff 24x7x365, ensuring professional responsiveness and reliability.

Personnel throughout the data center are trained to follow policies and procedures to meet various audit criteria and security measurements.