Our philosophy at Data Holdings is to provide the utmost customer flexibility in planning for current and future data center requirements.

Data Holdings’ physical properties provide its customers with a framework to satisfy their compliance requirements, 100% uptime demands and budget-conscious operational requirements. And our LEED Gold certification shows a conviction and commitment to doing things the right way.

There are many operational advantages for organizations in having their data stack at an efficient and certified data center. In a world where 100% uptime is mandatory in most industries, it can make for an interesting discussion.

Wholesale suite customers are provided with an initial private suite of 30+ positions.

  • Customers ramp into space over a pre-determined period of time
  • Additional space is set aside for planned physical growth
  • The suite infrastructure is designed to accommodate a significant increase in (kW) capacity

 Private cages can accommodate four or more initial (standard) 24” x 48” locking cabinets

 Managed Service partners provide Private Cloud environments and access to compute, storage, and infrastructure resources on demand for any purpose or on any platform.

 Design Flexibility

  • Customers can tap into additional capacity with or without growing the suite size
  • Each cabinet position density within Data Holdings can vary greatly, and thus we avoid stranding capacity
    • For example: A 20A x 120/208v, 3Ph cabinet PDU can accommodate a 5.5kW design load, which would be the basis for the ‘typical’ customer cabinet
  • High density cabinets require “chimneys”, which can accommodate 25kW+ loads
  • A customer-controlled and managed JCI Metasys-DCIM system is available
  • Connectivity requirements are provided for on a customizable basis

Data Holdings features best-of-breed technologies and sophisticated physical security. The facility is manned by on-site, trained professional staff 24x7x365, ensuring professional responsiveness and reliability.

Personnel throughout the data center are trained to follow policies and procedures to meet various audit criteria and security measurements.