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3135 W Highland Blvd
Milwaukee, WI, 53208
United States


Equal to or better than any data center in the Midwest, Data Holdings is a purpose-built, greenfield facility with a mission critical focus and true state-of-the-art features:

• Unique multi-tenant, wholesale data center serving Wisconsin and surrounding states
• LEED Gold certification
• Two-story, 46,000 SF hardened building
• Incorporates 10MW of 2N (active-active) power from the utility to the data center floor
• Includes an additional power source in the form of an emergency power generator system
• Tier III compliance allows all critical systems to be properly maintained while normal operations continue
• Private data center suites from 1,000 SF and up
• Flexible, securely caged “retail” space
• Designed for use as a primary data center or Disaster Recovery Site
• Carrier neutral facility offering direct access to Tier 1 carriers
• Affordable connectivity and bandwidth, low latency and route diversity
Convenient metro location; easy access to Downtown area, Interstate 94 and Milwaukee International Airport (MKE)


Tier III+ Standards

dh tier 3+ standards

Data center standards exist to evaluate the quality and reliability of a data center's server hosting capability. A four-tier ranking system is used as a benchmark for determining the reliability of a data center. This rating system begins with Tier I and ends with Tier IV. Tier I data centers are essentially warehouses with power. Tier IV data centers offer 2N redundant power and cooling in addition to a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

tier 3 industry standards

Tier 3 data center specifications are utilized by larger businesses and feature:

  • 99.982% uptime (Tier 3 uptime)
  • No more than 1.6 hours of downtime per year
  • N+1 fault tolerant providing at least 72 hour power outage protection

tier 4 industry standards

Tier 4 data center certification typically serve enterprise corporations and provide the following:

  • 99.995% uptime per year (Tier 4 uptime)
  • 2N+1 fully redundant infrastructure (the main difference between tier 3 and tier 4 data centers)
  • 96 hour power outage protection
  • 26.3 minutes of annual downtime.
Data Center Tier Levels- horizontal.jpg