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High Performance Web Hosting and Application Hosting

Our private, local web hosting infrastructure is available in Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Close physical proximity to our customers benefits latency-sensitive applications that perform poorly in the public cloud and enables personal service to design application-specific, performant solutions that take the guesswork out of hosting.

Our goal is that any application hosted by us will be engineered to perform optimally. Just two examples are:

  • Websites must be 100% available and pages must load rapidly, so the web hosting infrastructure must be appropriate to the specific software to produce the website and its various functions.
  • Citrix hosting relies upon fast I/O performance and the constant availability of resources, so a web hosting design must allocate a consistent abundance of bandwidth, RAM and storage to ensure efficient operations.

We undersubscribe the resources necessary to run an application. When we reach 80% usage of required resources (RAM, storage & bandwidth) we add additional resources.

100% of our compute hardware for production applications is SSD (solid state drive) versus spinning disk.

We only host applications out of 100% uptime, purpose-build data center facilities. Unscheduled downtime for any hosted application is unacceptable.