Company Background

Established in 2014, Stack41 is one of the leading private cloud services providers in the Midwest. Stack41 is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with additional cloud operations in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Stack41 provides private cloud and Internet of Things services to enterprise customers in a variety of industries including insurance, wastewater, healthcare, investments and engineering. 

The Challenge

Stack41 delivers technology services to its customers based on properties that set it apart from its competitors. Stack41 customers host their mission-critical applications on high performance, undersubscribed, 100% SSD resources. Latency-sensitive applications enjoy close proximity to Stack41’s private cloud, and abundant, diverse and survivable Internet bandwidth. If Stack41’s host data center doesn’t have 100% uptime, close proximity, speed, processing power and survivability simply don’t matter. Stack41 hosts applications that are vital to the efficient operation of many businesses, a host data center must be built to withstand the unexpected as well as the expected.

Addressing the Challenge

Data Holdings is the only Tier III+ data center in southeastern Wisconsin. With full Tier III attributes, the data center provides concurrently maintainable cooling, near Tier IV power and electrical distribution systems. Diverse A and B underground power feeds from diverse substation facilities that are active to customer equipment fuel the facility and diesel generators deliver a third discrete power source. 

Tenants at Data Holdings enjoy enormous design flexibility. Suites are sized according to customer requirements, and if business demands change in the future, customers can tap into additional capacity without necessarily growing the suite size.

Cabinet density can vary according to particular applications, with any cabinet in the facility capable of supporting high power demand up to 30kW per cabinet. 

And for customers such as Stack41 that demand redundancy and diversity, Data Holdings has dual, redundant meet-me-rooms (Network  rooms) served by diverse underground fiber vaults on opposing ends of the facility. Where diversity and reliability is required, Data Holdings meets or exceeds all expectations.

The Result

By colocating its infrastructure at Data Holdings, Stack41 is able to offer performant solutions to latency-sensitive customer applications such as ERP mirroring or database hosting, while offering uptime metrics that enterprise businesses demand. Redundant fiber vaults allows for survivable private line and Internet alternatives for predictable application uptime.

Thanks to Data Holdings’ capabilities, businesses such as web design/hosting companies, financial service providers, healthcare providers, government entities or anyone else who needs to offer consistent uptime are ideal clients for Stack41 and Data Holdings.

“Prospective clients are always impressed when they see the facility” said Ian Favill, President of Stack41. “Often they have seen other local data centers, and then they see Data Holdings – that’s when the light really goes on”. 

“Data Holdings is the ideal partner for us. They make it possible for us to offer our brand of service in the Milwaukee market.” We couldn’t, in all good faith, offer anything less to our customers.”