More and more companies are moving network and server operations offsite to free up space and budget.

Companies that choose colocation generally have the staffing, skills and IT strategy to design and maintain their own environments. Colocation offers them the benefits of having and controlling their own servers, storage and network so that they can manage costs and tune performance.

IT departments that choose colocation are able to deliver reliability and performance that meets financial goals and avoids the significant costs associated with expanding in-house infrastructures. When it comes time to consider moving operations externally, there are many reasons companies choose colocation.

1.    Reliability. Data Holdings offers redundant cooling, power and communication systems that ensure constant connection. Companies can invest in equipment and measures to implement similar systems in-house, however doing so can require a significant amount of capex and space.

2.    Performance. Electronic equipment performs best in a constant cool temperature and a dust-free environment. Even the cleanest offices can’t compare with the cooling and air filtration systems that a professional data center provides.

3.    Security. Data Holdings is designed to ensure that your systems are protected from burglars, fires, and other things that can compromise the security of your information 24/7.

4.    Reduced Maintenance. In many cases companies only begin to think about server support equipment after there is a failure. Data Holdings design, monitor and maintain support systems and have dedicated systems and staff to ensure that systems are running at top performance so they are always reliable.

5.    Speed. Data Holdings offers cost-effective fast connections directly to multiple internet service providers to provide top performance and redundancy in the event of connection interruption or overload.

6.    Experience. Data centers have staff on-site consisting of the brightest minds in the field of technology. These experts are hired to build, implement and maintain the best state of the art infrastructures utilizing high-performance equipment.

7.    Cost and Space Savings. Data Holdings provides a clean room, redundant systems, and around-the-clock monitoring, while freeing up valuable office space.

8.    Scalability. Colocation offers your company the flexibility to scale up or down easily, while allowing you to pay for only the space and power you need and only when you need it.

9.    Risk Management. Emergencies happen, but when your mission-critical equipment operates at an off-site data center, you’ll have redundancies and security in place to continue operations unaffected.

Our colocation center is fitted with ultra-reliable IT infrastructure, access to many different cloud operators, storage providers and redundant networks. Data Holdings Operates a Tier 3+ data center incorporating Tier IV electrical attributes with Tier 3 cooling. The data center provides 3 power paths with 2 active power sources to your equipment at all times, along with Tier 3 designed cooling systems. The data center is monitored 24x7x365 through our JCI-Metasys BAS (Building Automation Systems). The Data Center remains staffed 24x7x365 through our NOC (Network Operation Center) and SOC (Security Operations Center) at all times.

Data Holdings Colocation Offers:

  • 1/4 cabinet (10RU) and 1/2 cabinet (20RU)

  • Full cabinets (42RU-45RU) with ability to provision power from 2kW – 30kW per position

  • Custom cage space from 5-20 cabinet positions

  • Private data center suites from 1,300 square feet to 25,000 square feet

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery space